Building Public Private Partnerships

The FirstLine TaskForce TEAM

Bud Proctor Founder and CEO FirstLine TaskForce


Over the last 10 years Bud has developed a comprehensive emergency preparedness program that is the future footprint for "Culturalizing Preparedness in America."  FirstLine has become known as the Interactive Emergency Preparedness Network or iEPN. From his beginning’s Bud understood that the chief majority of our public-private efforts to inspire or provide preparedness messaging has failed. However, preparedness messaging through AR Technology is quickly becoming the first of it's kind tool box for the entire emergency management network.

Terry Hoy AR Technology for the Future Experience


 Early on our team saw a promising future for augmented reality (AR). AR was primarily in Europe. After bringing  AR to the United States, and with  extensive research and development our team bootstrapped the software development package. This work led to a portfolio of awarded patents in AR and computer vision, and the release of browsAR® – an augmented reality SDK, mobile app and content management system (CMS) platform.  In 2013, Gravity Jack decided to pivot to a fully service-based model of AR. 

Shane Stovall is Lead Counsel for Emergency Management


Stovall a 23 year veteran in crisis management, recently served as coordinator of emergency management programs for the True North Emergency Management firm in Fort Worth, Texas. More emphatically Stovall was appointed as the Director of Emergency Management for the city of Plano Texas. In addition he served as the coordinator and emergency planner for Charlotte County Florida along with his appointment too Home Land Security and his performances during the Oklahoma Bombing, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. 

Mike Bindrup SBDC / UNLV for Economic Development


 The Nevada SBDC is a part of the UNLV Office of Economic Development and Technology Transfer where Mike assists with the commercialization of university funded research projects.  

Todd Seipert Marketing Specialist and Graphics


Todd has over 25 years of management and supervisory experience in the graphic design and content development industries’. Todd subsequently created Seipert Inc. a company devoted to graphic design, music and art. 

“IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it?”


Bill & Janet Liebsch are the founders of FedHealth formed in 1999 to help the public focus on preparedness and pandemic health-related issues.  FedHealth are proud supporters of the FirstLine efforts to Culturalize Preparedness in America.

Sallade Retirement Marks End of an Era in Charlotte County

Hurricane Charley


Wayne gained national recognition in 2004 when Hurricane Charley took an unexpected turn off the Gulf into Charlotte Harbor and devastated the county.

Charlotte County Florida


The longest serving county emergency manager in the State of Florida retires today. Charlotte County Commissioners are marking the day by declaring Friday "Wayne Sallade Day."

 Sallade has lived in Charlotte County for more than half a century, and has spent the last 30 years as the head of the county's emergency management.

Sallade enters Florida Emergency Management Hall of Fame


Veteran Charlotte County Emergency Management Director Wayne Sallade has been inducted into the Florida Emergency Management Hall of Fame. 

 “Going into the Hall of Fame with former Florida Director Joe Myers and former FEMA Administrator David Paulison puts me in very rare air,” he said. 


James "Doug" Ford Liaison for Content Development

As the Project manager and/or communication consultant Doug is the point of contact developing communication strategies for corporate and multidisciplinary Preparedness Messaging projects, coordinating  publications and or instituting collateral for various client areas including administrative, clinical, research and education institutes supporting the "Everyone Is A First Responder" network.

FirstLine's Marketing Team for Preparedness Messaging

David Smith Director of Marketing Strategies


David Smith, is the Executive Vice-President of marketing at FirstLine who has over 20 years experience in non-profit, government and corporate settings both as a digital marketing contractor and an inside marketing project lead. David is the hands-on expertise for FirstLine's Public-Private Partnerships. He works exclusively with our clients and members creating the much needed footprint for a Culturalized Preparedness is this country. Through branding concepts, marketing strategies and goals at the grassroots level we re-define the term "Everyone Is A First Responder". David manages the talent and resources towards goal achievement. For many years David was a freelancer. Review his skills and work:


People in America are woefully Unprepared!


Unlike desperate countries like Haiti, many experts agree that so far Japan, a developed country, has fared well overall in disaster preparedness, which is measured by the country's immediate response following an earthquake and tsunami.  

However, the vast majority of Americans are unprepared or under-prepared for a natural disaster. 

Dealing with such disruption is quite a task. Governments set up national bodies and enact legislation's to reduce and manage disaster risks. 

Our Mission



Augmented Reality: The Technology That’s Making Disaster Management Smarter!

Every time, natural disaster strikes, it wreaked havoc on thousands of lives. “In the past 30 years, the world has lost more than 2.5 million people and almost $4 trillion because of natural disasters, according to the president of the World Bank.”

The devastating consequences of natural calamities like- flood, storm, earthquake, landslide or fire are is a threatening concept that is forever! The first step toward achieving this forever-changing Preparedness Culturalization from one generation to the next starts with an incentivized “WOW” factor that causes our communities to pause and consider “What If”. 

The wow factor of augmented or AR technology greatly enhances our ability to communicate with the family unit.

Diminishing the Damage and Improving Actions



AUGMENTED REALITY gives an edge to the resilience.

Augmented reality, the technology superimposes virtual content over a real world object in real-time in a real world environment, when viewed through the AR app.

Less often, people have better understanding of the risks posed by potential natural hazards. Plus, providing best health care services post-disaster is also troublesome.

It presents a major challenge for the disaster risk management services. But, here, technology can create a big difference in diminishing the damage and improving actions in response to perils.