Building Public Private Partnerships


FirstLine Partnerships with AARF!

Hurricane Michael "Everyone is a First Responder"

Pittsburg Team "RESCUES 39 CATS"

 The Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team flew from Pittsburgh to Florida to rescue 39 cats that needed to leave overcrowded shelters to make room for animals that were found during the storm or surrendered by their owners. With space open, animals and their families can now be reunited.   

Rescue an Animal, "Everyone is a First Asponder"

Preparedness Messaging


 The FirstLine app fills this gap by integrating Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the “wow” factor to an app that encourages participation and engagement from the citizens being served. This two-way interaction allows for better communication and coordination, thereby allowing citizens to be engaged 

Information and Education


 FirstLine understands the challenges Emergency Managers face when trying to deliver information to their constituents. These challenges include apathy and keeping relevancy among the citizens and stakeholders of the Emergency Management agency. The FirstLine app helps with both of these challenges. 

Interactive and Engaging


 The FirstLine App brings disaster preparedness front and center to consumers by providing useful and fun preparedness edutainment, and financial incentives through discounts and coupons from local and national retailers to prepare their property and families for day of disaster. 

Reporting Lost Pets


 AARF Lost Pet Alert function contains your pet's microchip number and physical description as well as information on where your pet was last seen.  AARF members can create an APP  poster to find their pets. 



AARF celebrates animals adoptions each  a month, and in collaboration with FirstLine is offering an "Incentive Program" that also marks a stronger force of human efforts to support local animal shelters animal shelters. 

Be A First "Asponder"


 Building a better world for all of us begins with a few simple actions and the FirstLine TaskForce / AARF partnership as a first-of-its-kind is challenging people across the country to commit to protecting…  

QuickDERM a Legacy Partner for Culturalized Preparedness

 “I am ever grateful to have come across this product at an IVECCS a year ago. I’ve used it on MANY wounds and it has been amazing! My clients have been nothing short of super happy with this product. I seem to constantly get pictures because they are in shock of how great the wound looks in such a short period of time. ….this is my GO TO ointmen! Love it!”

Natara Loose, DVM, DACVECC
“The Neighborhood Vet” 

Case studies of companion animals by veterinarians.



 Presented to vet with what owner described as peeling skin. It was revealed the dog had had a heat stroke causing his skin to slough and become infected. After cleaning the wound, the vet sent Spankie home with QuickDerm wound ointment. After six days of treatment with QuickDerm…HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Case study courtesy of in Wichita Falls, Texas. 



 “QuickDerm is a wonderful product and I was amazed with the results. Max (our dog) also has diabetes, which makes the healing process especially difficult. But after applying QuickDerm for one week directly to his wound…well, the results speak for themselves! I love my dog and could not bear to see him suffer and I am so thankful there is a product on the market that yields such miraculous results.” –Jeff McGahee 



"It will be my pleasure to let you know how happy we are with your product. QuickDerm has completely exceeded our expectations! We are amazed with how quickly her wound has closed. After several months of weekly vet visits including numerous attempts to stitch the wound closed, we were convinced it was a lost cause. So needless to say we couldn’t be more pleased and impressed with QuickDerm. Thank You Very Much!” –Chris & Mary Carman 



Torn flesh on Abby’s back from wound. Second photo after 11 days of treatment with Quickderm.