Building Public Private Partnerships



FirstLine Disaster Defense (hereafter referred to as “FirstLine”) provides critical communication and disaster preparedness/mitigation tools to Emergency Management agencies, not-for-profit relief and volunteer organizations and businesses with employees dispersed over a geographical area. The intent of FirstLine is to assist Emergency Management stakeholders in the culturization of preparedness with American consumers. 

FirstLine takes the Whole Community approach by uniting both the public and private sectors, volunteer groups, and citizens to take action in a common goal to save lives, property, and time in periods of emergency or disaster. The centerpiece of this effort is the FirstLine App.


The FirstLine App brings disaster preparedness front and center to consumers by providing useful and fun preparedness edutainment, and financial incentives through discounts and coupons from local and national retailers to prepare their property and families for the next disastrous event.

During a disastrous event, the FirstLine App provides critical notifications and information across the spectrum of Emergency Management agencies and non-profit relief organizations. 

The Example Below Outlines the Seminole County Project and the 

Great Oreo Cookie Quest

The Great Oreo Cookie Quest is a mobile app with a complimentary website that leverages object recognition to discover hidden rewards by scanning items in the real world. It takes users on an incredible journey that allows them to make discoveries in order to win digital prizes such as stickers and wallpapers that can be uploaded to their phone. The Oreo Cookie Quest is a prime example of how augmented reality defines engaging and interactive processes that will enhance preparedness messaging

FirstLine TaskForce Disaster Defense and Gravity Jack



We're not just developers. We create the technology itself.

Our clients demand the most powerful, professional augmented reality that exists.

In addition to our services, FirstLine's full-time research and development team ensures that preparedness messaging projects and private-public partnerships are powered by the most cutting-edge solutions available.

Any Doubts About "Culturalizing Preparedness"

The FirstLine Disaster Defense App is a significant and ambitious approach concerning preparedness messaging and community resiliency.  




An iOS and Android game based mobile application that uses machine learning technology which allows the app to scan and recognize hundreds of real-world objects in order to win prizes. The project was developed in collaboration with Carat USA and the Martin Agency.  

Effective Preparedness Messaging Powers Community Resiliency


Emergency Managers across the country unanimously agree that the theme

“Everyone Is a F.I.R.S.T. Responder and Get the App” can do in months what 

the public-sector couldn’t do in the past 75 years.

The Journey to Culturalizing Emergency Preparedness

Awareness * Top-Of-Mind * Functional Acceptance


FirstLine understands the challenges Emergency Managers face when trying to deliver information to their constituents. These challenges include apathy and keeping relevancy among the citizens and stakeholders of the Emergency Management agency. The FirstLine app helps with both of these challenges.

Challenge of Apathy 

Apathy among citizens and Emergency Management stakeholders is an ongoing challenge. If an area has not been affected by a large-scale emergency or disaster for a period of time, people have a tendency to let their guard down, forget what they’ve been told, or just figure “it doesn’t happen here.” In the case of transient communities, there may be large segments of the population that have never experienced a large-scale emergency or disaster, and therefore are further lulled into the false preconception that the community is immune from such events. We all know that there is no such place that is immune. Whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, hazardous material events, or pandemic flu – there is no immunity from all hazards.

The FirstLine App helps the local government keep the citizens and Emergency Management stakeholders engaged through an interactive platform that enhances preparedness and emergency planning, as well as communication and coordination.   

Challenge of Relevance

Since the origins of Civil Defense and Emergency Management, Emergency Managers have consistently sought to reach their constituents through never-ending public education efforts. Oftentimes, this involved the distribution of a tangible medium, such as a brochure or a pamphlet. However, with the rise of the information age and the increasing use of technology, many citizens now get their information from electronic sources, such as websites or apps. Emergency Managers increasingly find themselves attempting to provide information via print materials, only to either find a lack of interest in the material, or to simply see it thrown away without it being read. Print materials are not only costly to have produced, but they also are losing relevancy in the electronic age that we currently find ourselves in. 

To meet the needs of citizens in the electronic age, many governments, including their Emergency Managers, have turned to posting information on websites and social media outlets. While this is certainly progressive, these websites often involve one-way communication and are “flat” as far as engaging constituents. While they provide information, they often do not allow for interaction or engagement of the users. The FirstLine app fills this gap by integrating Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the “wow” factor to an app that encourages participation and engagement from the citizens being served. This two-way interaction allows for better communication and coordination, thereby allowing citizens to be engaged in being part of the solution in being a survivor (and not a victim), who has a plan and is engaged and armed with the tool of information following a large emergency or disaster.