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Gravity Jack AR Technology


The Great Oreo Cookie Quest is a mobile app with a complimentary website that leverages object recognition to discover hidden rewards by scanning items in the real world. It takes users on an incredible journey that allows them to make discoveries in order to win digital prizes such as stickers and wallpapers that can be uploaded to their phone. 



Water damage is one of the top causes of homeowner and commercial insurance claims. Just a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars or more in damage. The answer? FloodSax. FloodSax patented technology provides superior protection against storm flooding disasters, indoor water leaks, or liquid damage. 



For ALL animals that have slight to severe wounds and skin conditions. QuickDerm provides a moisture-retaining protective barrier that impacts inflammation and promotes healing. Both ointment and spray adhere to the wound and will not run off. Footpad injuries, hot spots, lick granulomas, burns, lacerations, wire cuts, rain rot, dehisced wounds, road rash, degloving injuries and abscesses are just a few of the many wounds that have been treated successfully with QuickDerm. 



The preparedness and first aid manual is a creative and customizable “tool” that agencies, businesses and organizations have been using across the U.S. and Canada since 1999 to help support the efforts of emergency preparedness mitigation and build emergency awareness. The Disaster Guide (and e-book counterpart) is easily personalized ensuring emergency managers and public-private partnerships that their branding, titles, messages, advertisements and proprietary information is a perfect fit for their emergency management needs.


image344 brings together personnel from many diverse fields where they can share their knowledge and expertise as well as form a closer bond of fellowship between its members with our focus primarily on: Training, Tactics, Safety, Education and community outreach.  U.S. First Responders Association is a 501c3 non-profit, professional and social network of firefighters, EMS, rescue, police officers, military and civilian support teams.

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The PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon was invented by an officer from a municipal police department in Silicon Valley with the objective of eliminating the danger, difficulty in use, and needless cost of old-fashioned road flares. PowerFlare Corporation's experienced engineering team with expertise in mechanical design, electronics, and optics converted this concept into a rugged design incorporating cutting-edge technology.

The purpose of the Company's products is to help prevent accidents such as shown in the picture below and to save lives.



iPlayerHD's video hosting platform is the must have software for all of FirstLine members that are uploading, managing and publishing their videos. The iPlayerHD software features provides an easier and faster way for public-private partnerships and business hero's to customize video experiences that present professionally looking deliverable' to their website audiences. With the theme that "Everyone Is A First Responder" turning dynamic video features on or off - is a tremendous plus for publishing videos without the worries of the bothersome "Related Video Preset" showing up and interfering with the originally intended needs of professional event videographers. 

Small Business Development


 The Nevada SBDC at UNLV is a statewide resource for business assistance, providing a unique array of services, expertise, and training in all areas including starting, growth, and development of a business. The Nevada SBDC also offers information and guidance in understanding and complying with environmental regulations. In addition, the Nevada SBDC provides useful information and analysis of the economy, environment, and demographic data to help businesses, government, and other organizations promote economic growth in their communities. 

Medical Reserve Corps


The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national program created after 9/11 to provide a mechanism to pre-register, train, and credential medical and other workers to deploy in a disaster. Most units, including MRC of Southern Nevada, are housed in a public health agency; the entire MRC has a public health focus. FirstLine is an advocate of  

 The Medical Reserve Corps as part of the movement toward "Culturalizing Preparedness In America" recognizing a network in the U.S. of community-based units initiated and established by local organizations to meet the public health needs of their communities. It is sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.