Building Public Private Partnerships


FirstLineTaskForce Disaster Guide

Everyone Is A First Responder


FirstLine Disaster Defense (hereafter referred to as “FirstLine”) provides critical communication and disaster preparedness/mitigation tools to Emergency Management agencies, not-for-profit relief and volunteer organizations and businesses with employees dispersed over a geographical area. The intent of FirstLine is to assist Emergency Management stakeholders in the culturization of preparedness with American consumers. 

FirstLine takes the Whole Community approach by uniting the public sector, the private sector, the volunteer sector, and citizens in taking action to save lives, property, and time in periods of emergency or disaster. The centerpiece of this effort is the FirstLine Disaster Guide and App.

The FirstLine Disaster Guide brings disaster preparedness front and center to consumers by providing useful and fun preparedness education, and financial incentives through discounts and coupons from local and national retailers to prepare their property and families for disaster. During a disaster event, the FirstLine App provides critical notifications and information from Emergency Management agencies and non-profit relief organizations.   

Disaster Information, Education and Incentives

Educational Curriculum's


Since the origins of Civil Defense and Emergency Management, Emergency Managers have consistently sought to reach their constituents through never-ending public education efforts. Oftentimes, this involved the distribution of a tangible medium, such as a brochure or a pamphlet. However, with the rise of the information age and the increasing use of technology, many citizens now get their information from electronic sources, such as websites or apps.  

"F.I.R.S.T. Responders"


The FirstLine TaskForce introduces a new and active approach to public-private partnerships regarding emergency response, community resiliency and the mission critical objectives of our “Traditional Disaster Response Teams.” The FirstLine TaskForce redefines forever the role of this eclectic group of responders. First Responders will no longer be the minority (overwhelmed and outnumbered) of individuals who protect life, property and the environment during the intricate stages of a disastrous event. 

Incentivized Concepts


FirstLine Legacy Partners enjoy a Unique Value Proposition, with marketing awareness and educational programs that have continuous value, product exclusivity and media coverage through regularly scheduled newsworthy events, cross-sector partnerships, and identity with social/economical/political factors—all significantly adding to the bottom line.  

Bringing Books to LIFE


From the days of yester-year symbols like Smokey the Bear to McGruff and take a Bite Out of Crime were indeed an early part of culturalizing crime awareness and personal safety. The National Culturalization of Preparedness will require new and more powerful interactive challenges that keeps the messaging fresh and robust. 

Augmented Reality


The real story of success regarding this wow factor for preparedness messaging is measured by how many people over time make a conscious choice to participate and engage in the educational and gamified content. Equally important to the Culturalization process is how people are interacting and engaging in the AR technologies being used as a dynamic part of the preparedness messaging vehicle. 

The 2020 TaskForce


The 2020 TaskForce brings forth a new breed of First Responders that are “Emissaries” for creating a community workforce following the philosophy of “Whole-Community Response” which seeks to decentralize disaster management from the Federal Government and involve private sector, volunteers, and most especially private citizens